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Welcome to your State Fair Community College Campus Store! 

Welcome to your college owned and operated "24-7" Campus Store! At SFCC Campus Store you'll find a variety of items to help you achieve your educational goals.  We carry a great selection of Roadrunner gear, book bags, office & tech supplies, art supplies, gift items, graduation regalia....and of course, the books and course materials you'll need for class - we're a one-stop-shop! 

Did you know that you have lots of options on textbooks?  You may purchase new or used books...E-books...and rent books at your SFCC Campus Store! Check out the tabs on the left - we're working hard to SAVE you money!  Want to get an estimate of costs?  Want to make sure you're getting the BEST DEAL?  Well, sit back, relax, and check out the textbook tab - we've shopped the competition for you!  Now that was easy!

When you purchase your books and supplies from the SFCC Campus Store you receive quality products at great prices!  You also reinvest dollars in campus programs and initiatives and support our local economy.  We've got a liberal refund policy and a generous buy back policy that will put cash in your hand and used books on our shelves! Use your cash, personal check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Roadrunner Bucks or student financial aid to make your purchases.  If you are paying with any type of financial aid please see the note below. Thank you for choosing your SFCC Campus Store!  



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  • FALL 2015 TEXTBOOK INQUIRY IS NOW OPEN –  Please note:  Textbook titles and pricing are subject to change through July 20.


  • Students are required to have SFCC Blue Card and a copy of their schedule for all in-store purchases and rental.

  • NEW THIS FALL! When you place an online order your payment method will automatically be pre-authorized when your order is submitted.   If you do not have financial aid available, you will receive an error message.  This means you will need to contact the financial aid office to resolve any issues.  If you use a credit card, your card will automatically be pre-authorized.  When we process your order you will then be charged for the proper amount depending on the availability of new and used textbooks.  This does not mean you have been charged twice - it just means your account may show a pending charge until we finalize your order and charge your account.

  • WANT TO RENT BOOKS? Textbook rental is a contract between an SFCC student and SFCC Campus Store.  SFCC students must rent their own textbook – parents, spouse, children, or friend may not rent a book for another student.  This card will only be charged if you fail to return the books by the deadline.  You must have your SFCC Bluecard to rent books at the Sedalia campus store.

Wanna make sure you're getting a great deal?  Check out the cool price comparison tools at Shop local, shop smart, shop your college store!